Whizzup is a digital transformation company. We’re here to do the best work of our lives with inspiring clients. We make work that influences culture and builds business value.

  • Address: Pulogadung Trade Center (PTC) Blok 8B,
  • Phone: +62 811 9598 700
  • Email: business@whizzup.com
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Strategically led.

Creatively driven.

Data inspired.

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We help our clients formulate, determine, and evaluate the optimal digital marketing strategy to deliver their business objectives. Our team defines the strategic direction and manages the implementation and execution as the point-of-integration between the relevant capabilities and our clients.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Implementation & Project Management
Campaign Planning & Development
Digital Leadership & Training
Digital Marketing Strategy
KPI-Tracking & Reporting
Growth & Brand Strategy
Growth & Brand Strategy
Testing & Optimization
Research & Analysis
Business Reviews
Content Strategy
Digital Audits


is our business.
Crafting ideas that are told to compelling content.
Stunning visuals.
Data-driven validation.

Experience Design

Project Management with Agile Approach & Development Sprints
Site Speed & Performance Optimizations for Desktop & Mobile
User Experience (UX) Research & Development
A/B Tests, Website Audits & Recommendations
Visual Design, Photo & Video Production
Design direction & Creative Strategies
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content Creation & Management
Website & App Developments
Prototype Web Solutions
Brand Identity


Our full-service social media management approach enables us to build strong social media presence and optimal engagement for brands. We strategise, manage, and promote campaigns, developing high-quality content, managing communities, and using suitable influencers to achieve clients’ objectives.

Social Media Management

Social Content Strategy & Campaign Development
Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Line, etc.
Social Media Profile Setup & Management
Competitor Analysis & Trend Reporting
Social Brand Guidelines Development
KPI Definition, Tracking & Monitoring

Social Listening & Analytics

Social Listening for Brand/Campaign Development Tracking
Campaign Performance Benchmarks, Goals & Projections
Social Data & Performance Marketing Integration
Channel Performance Analysis & Testing
Competitor Analysis & Tracking
Social Media Audits & Recs

Influencer Marketing & Digital PR

Community Growth & Engagement Management
Performance Analysis, Reporting & ROI Tracking
Influencer & Media Identification/Recruitment
Influencer Management


Enabler of innovative, seamless experiences and business solutions. We stay up to date on the latest technological innovations but we’re also not limited by what’s possible today. When a solution or a product isn’t on the market, we’ll create one.


Marketing Technology Consulting
Systems Integrations
Data Management

The digital engine

for 21st century


We will help your company build brand love. Whether you’re a digital brand at heart or a traditional brand looking to create meaningful relationships with your audience, we build brands through connected digital experiences.

To build love, brands need to empower consumers. Whizzup’s people-first philosophy puts the user at the centre to create compelling campaigns, useful services and products which enable. Insights from a strategic foundation, generating ideas that inspire, engage, and inform.

Embracing emerging technology.

Every new technology presents brands with an opportunity to
engagewith consumers in a new way.
Whizzup’s experience
with emerging technology and the way people use it means
we can create pioneering digital experiences across the
whole spectrum of devices, apps, and platforms.
Our solutions are always secure, robust,
and highly scalable.

Good ideas can come from anywhere. We believe that innovation happens when input comes from all disciplines. This ethos leads us to foster more collaborative ways of working with our clients - as partners.

All Of Our


Our sole focus it to digitally transform companies.

Digital strategy, User Research, Design, Technology, Analytics and Optimization: everything you need to to go digital.



One team:
Client + Whizzup.

We ask our clients to participate directly with us in an intensely collaborative process based on specific measures of success, rapid prototyping, and continuous testing and improvement. The result is one combined team, making things the right way, with less time invested in presentations and arbitrary deliverables.

Fewer people. More senior people.

Each client management is handled by our managers. We’ve assembled an unprecedented level of hands-on talent under one roof to make this possible across projects. We’re top heavy, by design.


Good ideas require good development.

The best digital campaigns are made by designers and engineers working together in the same room. We created Whizzup to offer the benefits of such collaborations at scale.